The Cherry Tree


Wishing I was looking out into the front garden, with my forehead pressed to the glass, my eyes shining as I looked at the huge Cherry Tree growing in the boarder of my parent’s garden.

It’s huge tree trunk full of ants scrambling over the knotted back, hurrying on their way. I’d watched them most summers of my life. I used to dance on the front lawn, soft, luch and green and then towards the end of Spring I’d clap my hands in glee as the gorgeous pale pink petal fell, covering the green grass with pink, so graceful they looked. I adored the pink lawn.  With shining, bright eyes i’d dash over the tarmac stepped carefully on the lawn,wriggingly my toes in the cool grass before starting to dance to my own rhythem, swirling around, kicking up the petals, laughing if any landed on me.  I adored this time of year.

I grew up loving this Cherry Tree.  It still stands there.  Once I have vision of marrying under it in full bloom, though that wasn’t to be.  Perhaps I will re-new my vows there instead, who knows what the future holds. I surely didn’t.

I left my Cherry Tree behind. I do miss it.  I miss how the boughs stretch over the lawn creating a great place to have a picnic, I miss the fun and laughter of my childhood with my parents and siblings, strangely I miss watching the ants traversing the bark.  I miss this tree so much it has a place in my book and also a children’s story I wrote.  

I will be back again.  My parents still live in the same house, the tree is still there, blossoming every year and covering the lush green grass which springs back with each of your steps.  I’d love to introduce my own children to my favourite tree.  Maybe one day, who knows what life will bring to us.  I surely don’t


Regency Mystery Romance is with my Editors


Regency Mystery Romance

Finally I can let you all know my book is with my Editor.  Scary though this sounds, I am looking forward to seeing what she thinks.  My excitment and glee is increasing as the time passes, after this is my first novel which was written over four years ago.  

Historical Mystery Romance seat in late Regency and early Victorian times, is shows how marriage was made for the best as a business deal, very few were for love. Men and women frolicked (nope not like the lambs) with others, having descret affairs. Divorce was only for the very rich and always frowned upon. Daughters did what their fathers told them, many were locked away for disobedience for one reason or another.

There again if you were a servant girl, so much lower down the scale you probably married for love or because you were pregnant. As a servant girl you would be dismissed by the household if discovered single and withchild. You were the one to be found at fault, rather than the lord or son of the manor. Scary days indeed. 

A man forcing themselves on a woman was sadly not uncommon even though there were brothels in abundance.  Many marrages were abusive, though as a duaghter and a wife youo had to do what you were told.  After all the father or husband near enough owned you, very few women owned land or house. It was a totally different world.


Exciting times ahead

Back Cover of my First Novel in this Series.

13324333_1295663457128518_1066421966_oThe Mystery at Crosswick Manor is a Regency Historical Mystery Romance.  A widow named Mrs Matilda Templeton watches as her home deterioates around her, letting servants go till there are only three remaining. Her most trusted.  Destitute due to her husbands gambling and death she has no where to go and no idea who owns her family Manor house.

Insteps Mr Gregory Appleby, her first love, who was shipped off to India by his father. An unannounced visit, will Matilda overcome her first marriage to find love once more?  Will the mystery of missing items be found?  Who is Jasper Greenwood and what does he want?

Find out more about their story as the journey of life continues…