Rambles through time.

At last my time is here and I am able to share with you my work.  It has been a long four years of discovery, research and learning.  Much enjoyment with the research due to the fact I love history and gathering details on how things were done, how people travelled, how long it took.  How people lived in the different sections of society be they servants or the wealthy, some of whom thought they owned the world.

The people of Regency times sure weren’t prudish.  Brothels were big business, homosexuality though illegal and hidden away was still in abundance.  Nobody cared who did what or how.  After all there were no Police in those days.  All they had were Bow Street Runners, who investigated those who committed what was then perceived as a worse crime, be it murder or poaching or stealing.  

Sir Robert Peel, founded the Peelers who incorporated the Bow Street Runner (if they wished) and were later to become known as the Police that are still around today.  How they have changed of the generations.  There again society had changed too, be it better or worse.  

Big changes were afoot, be it the steam train, steam engines, land enclosures by the wealthy, mills and towns taking over from cottage industry making towns bigger and dirtier.  Laws for school and children working.  Even migration for those who thought they could have a better life in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  The gold rush.  It was like life changed in a blink of an eye.

Today it is changing again as technology advances seemingly monthly. 

My novels will cover some of these events in small ways in each book.  So please enjoy your journey with me as I travel forward and release my first novel in May 2016


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